Oblivion - Sarah Vanhee

Cinquième Salle From May 26 To 28, 2018

This event has ended

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A crazy idea. A radical, destabilizing experience. For an entire year, the Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee accumulated all her personal garbage, real and intangible.

Part art installation, part philosophical performance, the ocean of debris onstage is both beautiful and monstrous. Pushing the idea of caring to an extreme, Oblivion gives value to each thing, to each moment, reinvested in a slow celebration of things unhidden.

For over two hours, the artist suspends time and re-connects to what she once considered “trash”, recording what dies on a daily basis, and what remains. A pell-mell collection, this arsenal of objects, ideas, sounds and reading harvested during the course of a year immerses us into a world inside out, where the invisible becomes visible, where “waste” is transformed into affluence. A love song to what we throw away, Oblivion rattles the foundations of our consumer society. Spiritual, ecological and unexpected. Utterly fascinating.





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