Photo credit : Ladislas Kadyszewski, Abby Walsh - 2018 edition
Photo credit : Ladislas Kadyszewski, Abby Walsh - 2018 edition

Future Stars' Grand Premiere

Fondation de la Place des Arts' annual benefit event

Future Stars’ Grand Premiere

Created in 2011, the Future Stars’ Grand Premiere is a unique annuel benefit night organized by the Fondation de la Place des Arts to raise funds to support awareness, educational and creative projects initiated by Place des Arts. This event, which brings together businesspeople, philanthropists, and art lovers from all backgrounds, gives talented young artists the opportunity to perform on the prestigious stage of Théâtre Maisonneuve.

Community Outreach : Lighting a spark

Accessibility to the arts and culture is at the heart of the Fondation’s mission, this is why, every year, a few hundred teenagers from less privileged backgrounds and newcomers are invited to attend the show free of charge.  For many of them, this event is a first experience in a major performance venue and a first immersion in the cultural world of the performing arts in Quebec.

"[The Future Stars’ Grand Premiere is] an exceptional opportunity to bring adult francization students to Place des Arts, free of charge. It is very rewarding for our students who, in the first months after moving to Montreal, take care of the essentials: adapting, eating, learning the language, etc. Your invitation is a gift from heaven. They then have access to culture and the opportunity to enjoy beauty."
- A teacher, Centre Lartigue

"Our community is very poor, my students have never set foot in Place des Arts. [I bring them to this show] to introduce them to an environment they do not know and to broaden their horizons."
- A teacher, Mont-de-La Salle Highschool

"My immigrant students are attending a show in a performance venue in Quebec for the first time. They are proud to make a small foray into Quebec’s culture."
- A teacher, Centre Yves-Thériault

Future Stars’ Grand Premiere 2019

9th edition

Tuesday, June 4, in Théâtre Maisonneuve

This year, we raised a net amount of $575,000 thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors of the Future Stars Grand Premiere and to the important gift of our Ambassador Partner.

More than 1,000 people—including 500 teenagers and newcomers, invited free of charge as part of the Community component of the event—were seduced by the outstanding performances of young and talented artists under the artistic direction of Alexandre Da Costa, staged by Joël Legendre.


The artists of the 2019 edition are:

Daniel Arthur – Piano
Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy – Cello
Maxime Bidégaré – Electric bass – Rock Group
Marhorie Bourque – Violin – String Quintet
Raphaël Bouchard – Dance
Matys Colpron-Bergsma – Drums – Rock Group
Vanessa Croome – Singing
Alice Déry – Singing
Audréanne Filion – Cello – String Quintet
Étienne Fournier – Electric guitar – Rock Group
Alexandra Gagné-Lavoie – Drama
Émilou Johnson – Double bass – String Quintet
La Bronze – Singing
Félix Lahaye – Drama
Thierry Lavoie-Ladouceur – Viola – String Quintet
Thomas Le Duc-Moreau – Conductor
Thomas Reddy – Keyboard – Rock Group
Catherine Toupin – Dance
Abby Walsh – Violin – String Quintet
Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal
Orchestre symphonique des jeunes de Montréal



For more photos of the event, check our Facebook photo album.


Crédit photo : Andrée Lanthier

The organizing committee of the Future Stars' Grand Premiere.
In usual order (at the front) the copresidents : Sandra Chartrand, Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard; Jacques Marchand, LCI Education Network; Sylvie Chagnon, Lallemand; (at the back) Louise Sicuro, Culture pour tous; Normand Laprise, Restaurant Toqué!; Catherine Samson, Caisse de dépôt et de placement du Québec; Amélie Fortier-Cyr, L’Oréal; Barbara Seal; Frédérique Cardinal, Fondation de la Place des Arts.
Crédit photo : Andrée Lanthier

Nadine Proulx, acting chair of the board, Fondation Place des Arts; Michèle Boisvert, official delegate of Quebec in Paris; and from Place des Arts, Jean Laurin, chair of the board, and Marie-Josée Desrochers, CEO.
Crédit photo : Andrée Lanthier

The artistic director of the event, Alexandre Da Costa, with the Petits chanteurs du Mont-Royal and the String quartet made up of Abby Walsh, Marhorie Bourque, Thierry Lavoie-Ladouceur, Audréanne Filion and Émilou Johnson.





2018 Edition

The eighth edition of the Future Stars’ Grand Premiere took place on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, in Théâtre Maisonneuve. We are proud to announce that it raised a net profit of $600,000 and we sincerely thank our partners and donors for their support.

Close to 1,000 people attended the event, 400 of whom were teenagers and new comers to Montreal who were invited free of charge. Under the artistic direction of Mr. Philippe Fehmiu, radio presenter at ICI Musique, many talented young artists presented us brilliant performances for our greatest enjoyment, including:

Asymmetry – Urban Dance
Geneviève Dompierre Smith – Soprano
Juliette Duguay – Harp
Marie-Andrée Gill – Poetry
King Abid - DJ and percussion
Zhan Hong Xiao – Piano
George Hua – Piano
Tess McQuade – Jazz song
Benjamin Morency – Flute
William Ouellet Quartet– Jazz
Abby Walsh – Violin





For more photos of the event, check our Facebook photo album.



Photo credit : Ladislas Kadyszewski
Photo credit : Ladislas Kadyszewski
Photo credit : Ladislas Kadyszewski




2017 Edition

The seventh edition of the Future Stars’ Grand Premiere was held on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, and raised over $630,000 net for the Fondation de la Place des Arts, a record amount.

Under the artistic direction of Maestro Alain Trudel, principal conductor and artistic director for the Orchestre symphonique de Laval, many talented artists performed and prestigious Montreal artistic institutions were represented:

Cas Public – Dance
Conservatoire de musique de Montréal – Brass
Lorraine Desmarais – Piano jazz
David Fleury – Guitar and voice
Jazz Band Saint-Luc – Jazz
Nathan Keoughan – Baritone
Alec Michaud-Cheney – Horn
Orchestre Symphonique Joseph-François-Perreault – Orchestra
Renaud Paradis – Drama
Blake Pouliot – Violin
Miriam Roberts – Violin
Chelsea Rus – Soprano


Event photo album Facebook.


Photo credit: Denis Beaumont
Photo credit: Denis Beaumont
Photo credit: Denis Beaumont




2016 Edition

The sixth edition of the Future Stars’ Grand Premiere raised over $550,000 net for the Fondation de la Place des Arts, a record amount. The benefit show, under the artistic direction of internationally renowned artist Angèle Dubeau, showcased a number of rising stars, including:

  • The Next Generation Leahy – dance, violin and piano
  • Kerson Leong – violin
  • Olivier Mallette – drums
  • Valérie Milot – harp
  • Leonid Nediak – piano
  • QW4RTZ – vocal quartet
  • Groupe RUBBERBANDance – dance
  • Félix de St-Hilaire - guitar and vocals

Event photo album Facebook.


From left to right: between the two Co-Chairs of the Honorary Committee, Marc Blondeau, President and CEO of Place des Arts, and Jean Laurin, President and CEO of NKF Devencore and Chair of of the Board of Directors of Place des Arts, are Clothilde Cardinal, Director of Programming at Place des Arts, Angèle Dubeau, Artistic and Creative Director of the show, Sylvie Chagnon, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee, and Frédérique Cardinal, Executive Director of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.
Crédit photo : MILK Images



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