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Photo credit : Mikaël Theimer
Photo credit : Mikaël Theimer

Adaptive Arts

The arts: a powerful means of revealing the potential within each of us.

A visit to Place des Arts can provide a moving opportunity to witness the work of participants in the Adaptive Arts Program.

This program offers an introduction to the performing arts through workshops for individuals with functional limitations, allowing them to fully express themselves.

Performances open to everyone

Normally, at the conclusion of their training, people taking part in the Adaptive Arts Program generously invite the public to witness the fruits of their explorations in the friendly atmosphere of our public spaces with performances that are open to all.

Unfortunately, in-person performances are currently not permitted due to the pandemic. We are looking forward to a return to normal activities so that you can explore our program, which this year includes choral singing, creative dance, percussive music, and expressive interpretation.

To learn more about the training program, please see the Programme Formation Collectivités.

Chant choral


This series of workshops invites participants to explore the pleasure of various forms of choral singing. Participants are guided through the creative process with a multitude of exercises that require both creativity and collaboration: spoken and sung voice work, controlled improvisation, body and voice warmups, rhythm, projection, and canonical exercises.

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Danse créative

Photo credit: Mikaël Theimer

This series of workshops invites participants to explore dance as a means of expression through the creation of choreographies and collaborative experimentation involving movement, rhythm, spacing, and improvisation.

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Jeux d’expression

Photo credit: Mikaël Theimer

This series of workshops focused on oral expression or body language either explores poetry and spoken word through writing and oration (writing, vocal, and posture exercises) or the physical dimension of theatre, inspired by visual and sound elements (objects, musical soundtracks, masks, or clown play).

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Musique percussive

Photo credit: Mikaël Theimer

This series of workshops introduces participants to group musical performance through the rhythm of words, sounds, and emotions. Guided through various rhythm and vocal exercises, participants learn to improvise and work together to create original musical atmospheres using percussion and their voices. Group creation and exploration are the focus of these workshops.

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Monique-Lefebvre Prize, awarded by the AlterGo organization

In 2020, Place des Arts’ Adaptive Arts Program won the very first Monique-Lefebvre Prize, awarded by the AlterGo organization. To date, our program has allowed over 450 participants and 24 organizations to explore the performing arts through workshops and public performances.

We have always firmly believed that the performing arts can play an important role in revealing the potential inherent in us all. We sincerely thank the AlterGo organization for the prize and the Théâtre Aphasique for nominating us.

The Adaptive Arts Program is made possible through the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts and its partner, the Sandra and Alain Bouchard Foundation. Make your donation today!

From the start, the program has also benefitted from the support of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications.

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