Photo credit : Mikaël Theimer
Photo credit : Mikaël Theimer

Éducation esthétique Training

The ideal way to bring arts and culture into your classroom!

This training complements the cultural mediation projects in Place des Arts’ School Program. It is intended for educators who are seeking to further the link between culture and education, using a tried-and-true approach: the éducation esthétique.

The éducation esthétique aims to awaken students’ artistic sensibility. Teachers taking this approach are asked to work more closely with artist-mediators involved in one of the School Program’s projects.

Training for teachers

The éducation esthétique training given to teachers at Place des Arts is designed to further equip them to guide their students through Place des Arts’ entire school program.

It also provides an opportunity to meet the artist-mediators involved in the projects. These specialists will familiarize you with the éducation esthétique approaches and cultural mediation favoured by Place des Arts. They will guide you through an exploration of the content and educational tools relating to the projects.


For those who have never completed the training:
November 14 and 15, 2024

For those who have completed a previous edition:
November 15, 2024 (update on 2024-2025 projects)


To reserve to spot, please confirm your participation when registering for the project(s) of your choice. Limited spots available.

Deadline to register: October 30, 2024

See the school program offer

Cultural Mediation Training Camp

Place des Arts is also proud to have held a cultural mediation training camp from 2018 to 2022. See our page on the camp to learn more.

The éducation esthétique training is made possible through the support of Quebec’s Ministère de l’Éducation.

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