Théâtre Maisonneuve

Théâtre Maisonneuve

A modern version of the Italian-style theatre, Théâtre Maisonneuve is equipped with a large and highly versatile multifunctional stage, an orchestra pit with space for 45 musicians, and all the projection equipment you need for galas and film premieres.

In addition to hosting many dance performances, including those by Les Grands Ballets and Danse Danse, Théâtre Maisonneuve lends itself extremely well to comedy shows, plays and music shows.

  • Capacity: 1,453 seats
  • Perfect for: musical comedies, comedy shows; classical dance, contemporary dance and circus shows; rock, jazz and pop concerts; film screenings and premieres, galas, convocations and more.
  • Improvements since 2016: completely new stage floor; improved audio control room; renovated dressing rooms; new storage locations for dressers and technicians; replaced set flies; aesthetic and signage improvements.
  • Note: the venue measures 46 by 21 metres.

Théâtre Maisonneuve

260, boulevard Maisonneuve West

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The venue from the stage. Louis-José Houde - Les heures verticales.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
The venue from the parterre.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
The stage from the corbeille.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
The venue from the corbeille.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
The venue from the stage.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
The stage fro the parterre. Milk&Bone.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron



Théâtre Maisonneuve offers show producers and corporate event organizers a number of adjacent spaces, which can be rented alone or along with the performance hall.

Many services are available for an additional fee in each of the adjacent rental spaces: greeters, security and bar staff; table, chair and red carpet rental; catering service; cleaning and setup services, and more.

Photo : Caroline Bergeron

Foyer Jean-Gascon

This space is named in honour of Jean Gascon, the great, internationally renowned Canadian actor who passed away in 1988. Against the foyer’s majestic windows overlooking Place des Arts’ outdoor plaza hangs a curtain made of 300,000 blocks of clear acrylic mounted on stainless steel wires, a work of art by Micheline Beauchemin entitled Rideau de lumière, couleur du temps (Curtain of Light, Colour of Time). Capacity: 800 people standing (cocktail party) or 350 people seated (banquet).


Photo : Caroline Bergeron

Foyer Mezzanine*

The Mezzanine foyer, which overlooks the Jean-Gascon foyer, is located at the first balcony level. Capacity: about 250 people standing (cocktail party) or 100 to 150 people seated (banquet).

Foyer causerie*

Located at the first balcony entrance level on the even-numbered side, this space is perfect for talks or pre-show lectures. Capacity: 100 people.

*Additional fees for greeting, bar and security services may be added when renting these rooms for cocktail parties and receptions.


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