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New shows go on sale and are presented in our performance halls every week, in compliance with public health requirements. As of September 1st, 2021, all spectators aged 13 or over will be required to show a vaccine passport, along with a photo ID (photo optional for people aged 13 to 15, and 75 or over), to be admitted to shows presented at Place des Arts. See the latest updates

Foyers du Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

Foyers du Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

The foyers and entrance of Théâtre Jean-Duceppe are excellent spaces for hosting a large number of guests for cocktails, lectures or talks. Learn about the various rental options for each space, with the option to include the performance hall.

Foyer McEwen
Located on the odd-numbered side at the parterre level, Foyer McEwen features the painting Éclat de gaieté verte by artist Jean McEwen.

Capacity: 350 people standing or 150 people seated.

Foyer Beaulieu

Located on the even-numbered side at the parterre level, Foyer Beaulieu features the painting Port de mer by artist Paul V. Beaulieu.

Capacity: 350 people standing or 150 people seated.


Many services are available for an additional fee in each of the adjacent rental spaces: greeters, security and bar staff; table, chair and red carpet rental; catering service; cleaning and setup services, and more.

Foyers du Théâtre Jean-Duceppe

260, boulevard Maisonneuve Ouest

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To learn more about our rental fees and for specific questions:

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