Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Since October 8, Place des Arts will be able to welcome spectators into its performance halls at maximum capacity, in compliance with Public Health guidelines. See details


Management Team

The management team consists of the President and CEO, as well as all the officers of the Place des Arts :

  • Marie-Josée Desrochers, President and CEO;
  • Luc Nadeau, Director of Human Ressources;
  • Steve Beauséjour, Director of Property Management;
  • Benoit Boucher, Director of Finance and Administration;
  • Clothilde Cardinal, Director of Programming;
  • Esther Carrier, Director of Customer Services and Ticketing;
  • Mylaine Albert, Director of Marketing and Communications;
  • Nicolas Potvin, General Secretary and Director of Corporate Affairs.

The management team and the President and CEO meet regularly to examine operational matters and business initiatives. It monitors the progress of the annual action plan and oversees the Place des Arts’ relations with the resident companies as well as with its business partners. The management team oversees all of the Place des Arts’ projects and programming and its financial results and budgets, among other matters. 

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