Coronavirus (Covid-19)

New shows go on sale and are presented in our performance halls every week, in compliance with public health requirements. As of September 1st, 2021, all spectators aged 13 or over will be required to show a vaccine passport, along with a photo ID (photo optional for people aged 13 to 15, and 75 or over), to be admitted to shows presented at Place des Arts. See the latest updates


Adapted services

Find out about the range of services we have put into place to make your Place des Arts experience a comfortable one: reserved seats in each of our venues, wheelchair service and assistance to get where you need to go inside our venues, reserved parking spaces for people with identification stickers, booster seats for kids, and an audio system for people who are hard of hearing.

Reserved spaces and seats - Wheelchair access 

Several seats are set aside in each show venue for people who use wheelchairs. For access, you need to obtain special tickets at the Place des Arts box office wicket or by telephone at 514 842-2112 (or toll free at 1 866 842-2112). Simply specify that you need a ticket for a person who uses a wheelchair.


An event provider may offer free access to the companion of a guest with a Companion Leisure Card (CAL) or Access2 card. If it is approved by the event provider, this offer is valid on presentation of one of these two cards. To check availability of this offer, please contact the box office at 514-842-2112 or 1866-842-2112.

Access ramps

Our two main entrances (1600 rue Saint-Urbain and 175 rue Sainte-Catherine) are equipped with ramps and drop-off areas, outdoors and indoors, to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility or who use wheelchairs.


People with reduced mobility have access to a number of reserved indoor parking spaces at Place des Arts. Learn more at the parking attendant’s box or reserve your space by calling 514 842-2112.

Accessible parking spaces for people with reduced mobility can be found easily on all three levels of the P-1 parking lot. They are located close to an elevator that leads to the venue entrance. Other spaces are located in section P of the P-2 parking lot on the same floor as the main lobby leading to the show venues.

Getting around inside Place des Arts


If you need a wheelchair to facilitate your moving around inside Place des Arts, visit the central security station near the rue Saint-Urbain entrance, or the entrance to Maison symphonique if you are attending a show there. Please note we have a limited number of wheelchairs.


During show times, a customer service representative is specially assigned to assisting people with reduced mobility. To obtain assistance, simply come to the show venue entrance.


People of larger sizes can be seated more comfortably by reserving an adapted seat. All our show venues are equipped with them, and you can reserve one through the Place des Arts box office, by telephone or at the wicket only; it is not possible to reserve this type of seat online. You can also make a request when you arrive at the venue the day of the , though availability is not guaranteed. Please note that we have a limited number of these seats.


Certified guide dogs are welcome on site. When you purchase your tickets, contact the Place des Arts box office to make sure you are given appropriate seating in the venue.

Booster seats for children

Booster seats are available for children in every venue. The number of children attending certain shows is such that it is impossible for us to meet every request. In such cases, requests are handled on a “first come, first served” basis.

People who are hearing-impaired

All venues at Place des Arts are equipped with an audio system that enables people who are hearing-impaired to tune in to the show’s signal. Simply bring your portable radio or music device with headphones and tune in to the dedicated frequency for your show venue:

  • Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier: 90.9 FM
  • Théâtre Maisonneuve: 89.9 FM
  • Théâtre Jean-Duceppe: 107.9 FM
  • Cinquième Salle: 88.1 FM
  • Salle Claude-Léveillée: 87.9 FM
  • Maison symphonique: 104.5 FM


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