Photo credit : Thibault Carron
Photo credit : Thibault Carron

Support the Arts

The Fondation de la Place des Arts is a key partner in carrying out Place des Arts’ cultural mission.

Since 2006, the Fondation de la Place des Arts has been a key partner in carrying out Place des Arts’ cultural mission.

The benefits of participating in the arts and culture are numerous, and the Fondation makes the arts more accessible to all by contributing to the realization of the many awareness, accessibility and education activities of the L’Art en soi program.

Find out more about the scope of the Fondation's support.

Photo credit: Thibault Carron

Activities for the General Public

Every year, the Fondation’s support makes it possible to present some 200 free workshops, exhibitions, discussions, and public performances in Place des Arts’ public spaces, both inside and outside. The program, which aims to raise public awareness and increase participation in the arts—be they performing, visual, or digital—, reaches tens of thousands of people.

Photo credit: Frédéric Faddoul

Family Activities and Shows

Place des Arts presents some fifteen shows each year at affordable prices as part of the Place des Arts junior series for children between 3 and 12. Music, circus, theatre and dance shows are accompanied by participatory awareness-raising activities for kids and families. Numerous free activities are also offered during Les Fêtes famille and during the winter school break.


Photo credit: Emilie Dumais

Educational Program

There are two components to this program. A school component, intended for teenagers, that offers four cultural mediation projects (in slam poetry, rap, writing and comedy) allowing young people —the majority of whom come from less privileged backgrounds— to develop key knowledge and skills for their academic and social success. The second component is an annual training in aesthetic education for teachers and artist mediators. It allows them to support students throughout the projects which take place over several months.

Photo credit: Mikaël Theimer

Programme Formation Collectivité

This program is intended for young people and adults with functional limitations or who are experiencing social and cultural exclusion. Through a series of workshops led by professional artist mediators, participants discover and explore the performing arts and their creativity in a dynamic way.


Photo credit: Mikael Theimer

Support New Works Program

This program supports professional artists and emerging creators in their research, experimentation and artistic creation through residencies in rehearsal or performance venues. The showcasing of their works in the Place des Arts’ public spaces, such as the exhibition room and the mosaic screens, also makes it possible to promote them to the public.





Remarkable accomplishments each year

In 2018-2019, the Fondation’s support meant:



150,000 people

take part in the hundreds of free activities and exhibitions presented in Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme and on the Esplanade.

Over 200 free participative activities

to create exceptional encounters
between the public and artists.

7 free exhibitions

to raise awareness and make the general public
discover the different aspects of the performing arts.

64 workshops

and public performances allow people with
special needs to participate in cultural mediation projects in singing, writing and dance.

150 people

from 16 organizations present the result of their creative process to the public in the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme.


4 projects

built around humor, words, slam poetry, and rap for teenagers from less privileged environments.

3,345 high school students

develop knowledge and skills essential
to academic and social success through
cultural mediation projects.

256 workshops

in class and at Place des Arts with artist-mediators to support young people in their creative process.

14 shows

and a total of 22 affordably priced performances
to introduce and educate children
about the performing arts.

5,000 spectators

at the shows presented as part of the 
Place des Arts junior series.

6 days

of free activities for children, parents, 
and grandparents as part of the Fêtes famille 
and La Relâche à la Place des Arts!

3 co-productions

for the creation and presentation of original works.

HOTEL, Cirque Eloize
Chansons pour filles et garçons perdus, Loui Mauffette

Chante, Edmond!, Sacré Tympan

200 artists

and creators benefit from over 150 days of residency in a rehearsal room or a performance venue.



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