Child admission

This policy is intended to facilitate children’s access to shows presented at Place des Arts, while providing them, their accompanying family members, artists, and the public in general with the best possible listening and performance conditions.

Admission to shows

All spectators, including infants (even if not occupying a seat) and children of any age, must be in possession of a ticket in order to attend a show.

Children under the age of two who remain seated on the knees of an accompanying adult are admitted free of charge to any show presented at Place des Arts, unless the event provider decides otherwise. Children must nevertheless be in possession of a ticket, available for free only at the Place des Arts box office. These tickets do not have seat numbers printed on them. You should also have a piece of identification for the child, in order to prove the child is under the age of two or the specified minimum age. 

In the case of a performance intended for an audience with a minimum age under two years (e.g. a show for children of age 18 months and up), only children whose age is less than the recommended age for the show will be admitted for free.

Some shows presented at Place des Arts are specifically intended for a young audience. The recommended minimum age for these shows is generally specified. Place des Arts strongly suggests that parents respect the recommended minimum age.

• Event providers may offer tickets at reduced rates for children aged 2 to 12. Check the show advertisements or ask a ticket agent at the Place des Arts box office. In the event that discount tickets for children are not offered, those occupying a seat must pay for tickets at the regular price applicable for the seats chosen.

During performances

As a courtesy to other patrons and to the performers, parents must ensure that their child’s behaviour is appropriate at all times during the presentation of the show.

In the event that a child is disturbing other spectators, the ushering staff may ask the accompanying adult and child to leave the hall. In this case, their tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, and they are not entitled to any monetary compensation.

Place des Arts has booster seats available for children. Seats are available in all venues. Due to the large number of children attending certain shows, it may not be possible to meet everyone’s needs. Booster seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Place des Arts thanks you for your cooperation in the application of this Policy. It directly contributes to the quality of the presentation of shows and your customer experiences.

Adopted April 23, 2014
Updated February 1, 2017

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