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Cinquième Salle

Cinquième Salle

The Cinquième Salle is getting a makeover! On January 3, we began working to improve the experience for audiences, artists, technicians, employees, and all others who frequent the Cinquième Salle when it reopens in the spring of 2023. Thank you for your understanding.

Cinquième Salle is a show venue tailor-made for creators who are seeking encounters with audiences that are curious and open to innovation! Versatile, with many possible configurations, it’s the perfect place for presenting contemporary creations in dance, theatre and music, as well as multimedia performances and all other kinds of shows.

A number of companies and festivals, such as Danse Danse and the Festival Quartiers Danses, present a plethora of contemporary shows here each year.

  • Capacity: 296 to 413 seats depending on configuration.
  • Perfect for: contemporary dance shows, plays, music, multimedia performances.
  • Note:
    • The space has 300 fixed seats and six other rows on mobile platforms with retractable seats (the vomitorium).
    • Four types of stage arrangements (proscenium, theatre in the round, traverse and thrust) can also be variably configured, depending on the desired seating capacity.

Cinquième Salle

260, boulevard Maisonneuve Ouest

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Artist-in-residence / Mani Soleymanlou and the co-author of the play 8.
Photo : Cindy Boyce
Artists-in-residence : Tentacle Tribe.
Photo : Cindy Boyce
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Johann Johannsson
Photo : Caroline Bergeron
Stage from parterre.
Photo : Caroline Bergeron



Photo : Caroline Bergeron


Warm and intimate, perfect for installations and exhibitions that relate to the show, the foyer also features a bar. Capacity: 400 people standing (cocktail party), 200 to 250 people seated (lectures and banquets).

Photo : Caroline Bergeron

*Additional fees apply for greeting, bar and security services when the space is rented for cocktail parties or receptions. Many other services are also available: table, chair and red carpet rental; catering service; cleaning and setup services, and more.


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