Photo credit : Kevin Calixte
Photo credit : Kevin Calixte

Youth Adaptive Arts

Using art to help tap into one’s abilities and improve self-esteem.

Youth Adaptive Arts is an inclusive program that aims to foster access to the performing arts for young people with functional limitations, or with social maladjustments or learning difficulties.

The program is intended for young people aged between 7 and 18 year old with functional limitations, or with specific needs (physical disabilities, visual impairment, intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, etc.).

Youth Adaptive Arts celebrates young people's artistic expression through encounters and creation with professional artists. These cultural experiences take the form of tailor-made artistic workshops, favoring a humanistic, co-creative approach.

Current Projects

The program offers cultural mediation projects based on various disciplines, such as music, theatre, singing, and dance.

Each project includes:

  • Six 1-hour workshops in the chosen discipline, led by professional artist-mediators trained to interact with people with functional limitations;
  • A public performance, scheduled at the end of the last workshop of the series, allowing participants to present the collective creation they have built up over the weeks.

Workshop dates

Dates to come.


All projects are free of charge.

To register, please contact the community team at or by telephone at 514 285-4275.

Registration period: August to November, 2024

The Adaptive Arts Program is made possible through the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.

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