Arts et monde Series

A musical journey around the world!

The Arts et monde series, presented by Place des Arts, brings you three experiences featuring artists from around the globe. 
The series takes you on a journey from India to Japan, with a stop in the USA, shining a spotlight on the rich harmonies of Trey McLaughlin and the some twenty voices that make up The Sounds of Zamar; great classical tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, one of the finest musicians of our time; and the large-scale, highly physical Japanese drumming of Drum Tao


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Drum Tao - 30th anniversary, January 30, 2024
Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar, February 2, 2024
Zakir Hussain, March 28, 2024


Thank you to our media partner, La Presse. 


Drum Tao - 30th anniversary
World Music

Drum Tao - 30th anniversary

Théâtre Maisonneuve
Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar

Trey McLaughlin and The Sounds of Zamar

Théâtre Maisonneuve
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