A Tale of Two Cities

Maison symphonique March 21, 2020

If the sumptuous outdoor celebrations of British royalty had a soundtrack, it would without a doubt be Handel’s Water Music. Born in Germany but a citizen of the world (much like his employer King George I), the composer plays brilliantly to the taste of the era with his three suites, the second of which is featured here. Under the baton of Jane Glover, considered one of the great Mozartians of our time, Louis-Philippe Marsolais fully displays the mastery of his instrument in two works, Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 1 and the Horn Concerto commissioned to Simon Bourget, also one of the Orchestre’s horn players. Haydn’s Symphony No. 85 “La Reine” and Mozart’s Symphony No. 31 “Paris” bring the concert to an end. Prepare for the best of times!

HANDEL: Water Music, Suite No. 2
MOZART: Horn Concerto No. 1
HAYDN: Symphony No. 85 “La Reine”
S. BOURGET: Horn Concerto (premiere)
MOZART: Symphony No. 31 “Paris”


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