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Civil Rights: identity, oppression, and emancipation

Salon urbain January 9, 2020

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An exchange of ideas, a lively discussion, participants from various social and cultural spheres: during Les conversations Place des Arts, experienced guests share their points of view on substantive themes addressed in the various shows and activities on the program at Place des Arts, which also resonate on a societal level.

The historical baggage of communities that have experienced oppression has become for many of their members an engine for beneficial transformation. How can it shed light on the present and the future, allowing for a change in perceptions and social frameworks, and the shaping of an egalitarian society in which everyone can flourish? Building on the musical We Shall Overcome, inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr., and the play Héritage (A Raisin in the Sun) at Théâtre Jean-Duceppe, Place des Arts is addressing the history of civil rights in a discussion on cultural identity and changing social mores with regard to communities that have lived under the shadow of oppression.


  • Producer / Presenter : Les rendez-vous Place des Arts
  • Venue : Salon urbain
  • Host : Philippe Fehmiu
  • Guests : Michael Farkas (President of Black History Month), Mireille Metellus (actor in the cast of Héritage at Duceppe) and Alexandra Lorange (jurist and researcher on constitutional law)
This activity is presented thanks to the financial support of the
Fondation de la Place des Arts
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