Biscuits, tempêtes et mélodies

Cinquième Salle April 14, 2024

An ode to the imagination and to the wonderful power of music! 

Simone is bored… Her mom has confiscated her tablet. She really isn’t happy at all! But all of a sudden, the sounds coming from her window seem to come alive. Thanks to her very active imagination, musical worlds inspired by delicious cookies, hair-raising storms, and celestial melodies unfold before her eyes and in her ears! 


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Place des Arts
  • Language : French
  • Ages : 5 to 9
  • Duration : 45 minutes
  • Creation : Anémone 47 (Valérie Milot)
  • Text and Stage Direction : Julie Daoust | Music : Denis Gougeon | Artistic Direction : Valerie Milot | Dramaturgical Advisor : Hugo Turgeon
  • Sets, Costumes, Props : Pierrick Fréchette | Sound Design and Programming : François Thibault | Lighting Design : Nat Descôteaux | Fabrication of Stage Elements : Jacynthe Beauregard and Cécile Provencher | Production Advisor : François Lahaye
  • Illustration : Baptiste Amsallem
  • Performers : Aurélie Fortin, Étienne Béland and Juliette Duguay-Patenaude (musician)
  • Photo credit : Julie Artacho
  • Shows in the Place des Arts junior series are made possible through : the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.
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