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Educational Program

A Strong Tool for School and Social Success

Arts education is a powerful tool toward scholarly and social success. Many studies have amply documented the way the arts can reduce inequalities, strengthen young people’s confidence in their abilities and skills, reduce the school drop-out rate and improve job perspectives.

Place des Arts offers cultural mediation projects every year to high school students and their teachers. The Educational Program introduces young people to the performing arts while giving them the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that are essential to their scholarly and social success, and allowing them to truly engage with the arts. For many, this contact with the performing arts is their first one.

Each of the projects we carry out aims to put young people in contact with a discipline, an artist or a work, and give young people the chance to express themselves. From the classroom to Place des Arts, critical thinking and creativity are encouraged in students, placing them at the core of the learning process.

Each project is headed up by an artist and proceeds as follows:
1. Training for participant teachers: Teachers’ handbook, Video Interview, Tutorial video link to the contents of the project, Formation, Assistance from the Place des Arts team;
2. Two practical workshops (at school and at Place des Arts) led by Place des Arts’ team of artist-mediators;
3. A performance in Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des Arts, followed by a discussion;
4. Presentation of creative works by young people on the occasion of the major D’Art et d’Ado event, part of Place des Arts’ Hors les murs series in May.

Current Projects

Here are the cultural mediation projects for the 2020-2021 year:

De la poésie au slam

Photo: Thibault Caron

Composer la présence

Photo: John Londono

Au rythme des mots

Photo: Pat Seguin

Humour, côté cour, côté scène

Photo: Mikaël Theimer

Teacher Training Days

If you are a teacher and you’re taking part in one of our cultural mediation projects with your students, come to one of our free training days to learn about content related to the cultural mediation projects and pick up tools to introduce it in class with your students. You won’t want to miss it!

Two training days (limited availability): November 19 and 20, 2020 - FREE

Financial Support for Schools

Schools taking part in the cultural mediation projects can enjoy a variety of support measures provided by the government for school cultural field trips. Visit our section on the subject to learn more about these resources and find out if your school qualifies for the program.


  • Inscription period: September 2020 - Official start date to be released
  • To registrate:
  • Limited places available. Contact us to be added to our mailing list.

For any question:

To take part in each of our projects, the fee is $10 per person, taxes included. Place des Arts will send an invoice. One accompanying adult is given free entrance for each group of 20 students. This will be indicated on the invoice.


The Fondation de la Place des Arts, Major Partner Of The Educational Program

The Fondation’s philanthropic efforts are founded on the conviction that arts and culture enrich the relationship that young people have with life and open them up to new languages that lead to new ways of addressing their own worlds and developing their own personalities. Learn how you can support the Fondation in its mission!

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