Support for School Field Trips

Many programs offer to schools in Montréal and surrounding areas to facilitate kids’ participation in their schools’ cultural field trips.

The "La culture à l'école" Program

The goal of the Culture in the Schools program is to shape young people into citizens who are actively involved in cultural life by increasing the number of cultural experiences available to students.

For more information (in French only): They can help you to submit a project.

The "Agir autrement" Strategy

The Agir autrement intervention strategy (the “act differently” intervention strategy) was launched in 2002 by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (the province’s ministry of education and higher learning) to reduce the gap in school success between underprivileged areas and more privileged ones. Its goal is to support schools as they help channel students from underprivileged areas toward success.

The Agir autrement measure is an amount provided by the school commission to schools in underprivileged areas to help them undertake projects that aim to increase their students’ perseverance and academic success. The amount allotted is calculated by the number of students and the school’s level of need. The school can choose what measures to put into place to meet their students’ needs. One of those measures can include helping the students to become more well-rounded through cultural experiences.

For the Island of Montréal, the Agir autrement strategy only targets high schools. Elementary schools are supported through the Une école montréalaise pour tous (a Montréal school for everyone) measure.

For more information (in French only):

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