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June 3, 2020

Fondation de la Place des Arts Benefit Event, 2020 Edition — Thank you to our donors

The Fondation de la Place des Arts is pleased to announce that, despite the cancellation of the benefit event that was to take place yesterday in Théâtre Maisonneuve at Place des Arts, it has raised a total of $267,500 through the generosity of its most loyal partners and donors.


“This is an exceptional outcome under the present conditions and these donations are most valuable, as the money raised with this event is essential to the success of our mission. With the Fondation’s support, Place des Arts—a unique performance venue and setting for the creation of new works—is able to implement programs to increase access to and awareness of the performing arts for a wide range of clienteles,” stated Mr. J. Serge Sasseville, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.


“During these challenging times of the pandemic, the power of arts and culture is more apparent than ever. While the cultural sector has been very hard hit, we are seeing many artists and organizations increase their virtual initiatives on a daily basis in an effort to alleviate people’s isolation and lift their morale. Arts and culture provide comfort and are conducive to cohesion and unity, and we are truly touched by the confidence our donors have shown in us, as their generosity will allow the Fondation to contribute to the implementation of several free, unifying, and inclusive activities that will be even more important as we emerge from this crisis,” concluded Mr. Sasseville.


The 10th edition of the event has been postponed to June 1, 2021. Under the artistic direction of internationally renowned harpist Valérie Milot, the event will give guests an opportunity to discover several exceptionally talented young artists. It will also once again allow the Fondation to welcome some 500 people—mostly youth from less advantaged backgrounds and new comers to Montreal—free of charge, giving them the opportunity to attend the show, which for many will be their first immersion in the world of the performing arts in Quebec.



The Fondation de la Place des Arts

Bringing together the community and the largest performing arts centre in Quebec and in Canada

The Fondation de la Place des Arts’ goal is to make arts and culture more accessible by supporting awareness, education and creative projects initiated by Place des Arts.

The Fondation de la Place des Arts’ philanthropic efforts rest on the conviction that art can enrich people’s outlook on life—and that this is especially true for young people. By exploring worlds based on creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and aesthetics, people open themselves up to new languages that lead to new ways of addressing their own world.

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The Société de la Place des Arts’ Education & Outreach components

The Education & Outreach components offer a number of cultural experiences aimed at raising awareness, increasing participation, and introducing people to the performing arts, offering unique programming that goes beyond the traditional means of cultural participation in a performance hall. This programming is intended for various clienteles who do not usually come to Place des Arts, giving them opportunities to come into contact with the performing arts, its artists, and its artisans.

Watch this brief video to learn about all that is accomplished over the course of one year, thanks to our donors.

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Fanny Girod
Coordinator, Events and Communications
Fondation de la Place des Arts
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