Cinquième Salle February 23 and 24, 2019

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It’s raining notes. The trumpet is laughing, the piano is crying. Three laid-back virtuosos mix music like dough. Their instruments spout all the colours of the great Miles Davis, while hypnotic videos draw you into the mix. You may even be invited to jump on stage to become a conductor or beatboxer!

In Mile(s)tones, a percussionist, a pianist and a trumpet player guide you into the fascinating world of the legendary American jazz composer and trumpet player Miles Davis. His adventurous, innovative approach to music is the production's starting point, leading you into a labyrinth of ever-changing spaces and moods. One moment, you may find yourself in the vibrant creativity of a recording studio, or on stage as one of the musicians; the next moment, you're creating a live soundtrack to a movie or you're in the celebrated musician's painting studio.

You will experience the endless, fantastic possibilities of improvised music through the compositions of Miles Davis, with members of the renowned Belgian jazz ensemble De Beren Gieren Fulco Ottervanger and Simon Segers, and trumpet player Bert Bernaerts as the ideal guides.

Mile(s)tones is a Zonzo Compagnie production in coproduction with De Beren vzw, Centro Cultural de Belém, De Werf Arts Centre, Rataplan Arts Centre and Jeunesses Musicales Flanders.

Music show without lyrics.


  • Producer / Presenter : Place des Arts
  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • A creation by : Zonzo Compagnie (Belgium)
  • Director & Set design : Wouter Van Looy
  • Music : Miles Davis - Trumpet & bass: Bert Bernaerts - Keys: Fulco Ottervanger - Drums: Simon Segers
  • Technician : Pieter Nys
  • Video : Johan Cosijns
  • Costumes : Evelyn Demaertelaere
  • Set : Luc Cools
  • Age : 6+
  • Duration (subject to change without notice) : 50 minutes
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