Mattew Heli Brunel / Pauline Gervais / Eva Kolarova / Cai Glover / Menka Nagrani

Cinquième Salle September 11, 2018

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#L.E.M. – Mattew Heli Brunel (Miroir Miroir Company), Montreal, Montreal premiere
Mathew Heli Brunel, a young choreographer who dares mix contemporary and urban dance, proposes a quintet, #L.E.M., Les Êtres Miroirs, the story of a young woman who wakes up in an unknown and shadowy universe that reveals itself as the reflection of the great void within her. This universe is populated by sub-personalities, parts of herself that will guide her in her decision making. Through a path teeming with self-discovery, identity, apprehension, and comprehension, she will eventually make peace with herself.

Temps Avenir – Pauline Gervais, Montreal, World premiere
A graduate of the École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec, Pauline Gervais received FQD's Prix découverte en salle in 2017 for her first solo. This young and passionate choreographer and performer has great technique, freshness, and an incomparable musicality. In her first duo, Temps Avenir, the stage becomes a new land with its own laws, its own movements, and a total absence of gravity. The bodies and souls of the dancers are entirely affected by this change in atmosphere. This exploration of movement in space expresses the strong connection that can exist in a bearingless world.

Encounter - Eva Kolarova, Montreal, Montreal premiere
Emerging choreographer Eva Kolarova has danced for the Ballet de l’opéra national du Rhin, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and Ballets Jazz de Montréal. Her post-romantic universe mixing dream and reality gives rise to unique contemporary-ballet creations with great musicality. For her first duo, the FQD challenged her to make an intimate piece. Encounter is born of the experience of a trip to Seoul, where Eva experienced culture shock. In this man/woman duo, two different and often opposite cultures give rise to a deep and inexplicable connection. The attraction expressed between the two performers is stronger than anything else, their rising emotions submerge and overwhelm.

The Sleepless Mind – Cai Glover, Montreal, World premiere
Cai Glover, trained in contemporary ballet, has danced for over six years with the Cas Public company. He presents a rhythmic and abstract creation, full of great velocity. For his first quartet at the FQD, he pulls from themes of dreams and the imaginary world. How can we know truth if it is hidden beyond the material world?

Au-delà du rien – Menka Nagrani, Montreal, World premiere
Choreographer, director, and multidisciplinary artist Menka Nagrani presents engaging shows at the border of contemporary dance and experimental theatre. Since 2004, her work incorporates atypical artists (with cognitive impairments, autism, or people with particular needs) in the aim of inspiring philosophical reflections and to question social norms. Her novel creations introduce humour and theatre through everyday movements. The trio plays with the power of rhythm and its expressive potential. By integrating the jig and her percussive and dynamic movement vocabulary, the choreographer anchors her creations in Quebec culture. Three vulnerable performers wonder about a future when everything will have disappeared.


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Festival Quartiers Danses
  • #L.E.M. (1/2) : Dancers/performers: Emmanuelle Martin, Maryline Cyr, Roxanne Dupuis, Eva Koralova, and Léa Gauthier-Lavoie / Choreographer: Mattew Heli Brunel / Original music: Dany Potvin and Mattew Heli Brunel / Costumes: Sylvain Yargeau and Manon Blais
  • #L.E.M. (2/2) : Lighting: Benoit Larivière / Video: Anthony Jackson / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival
  • Temps Avenir : Dancers/performers: Danny Morissette and Pauline Gervais / Choreographer: Pauline Gervais / Original music: Charles Bicari / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival, José Navas, and Rafik Hubert Sabbagh
  • Encounter : Dancers/performers: François Richard and Eva Kolarova / Choreographer: Eva Kolarova / Original music: Cigarette After Sex and XXYYXX / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival and the Korean University of Arts
  • The Sleepless Mind : Dancers/performers: Caroline Namts, Alexander Ellison, Kennedy Henry / Choreographer: Cai Glover / Lighting: Emilie Beaulieu / Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival, Cas Public, and Eira Glover
  • Au-delà du rien (1/2) : Dancers/performers: Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Marilyn Perreault, and Olivier Rouseau / Choreographer: Menka Nagrani / Original music: Galant tu perds ton temps, Maëva Clermont, and Michel Faubert / Lighting: Ian Yaworski
  • Au-delà du rien (2/2) : Acknowledgements: Quartiers Danses Festival, Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des Arts de Montréal
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