Les Grands Ballets - Falling Angels, Evening Songs and Searching For Home

Théâtre Maisonneuve From 25 May To June 3rd, 2017


Live Music by Percussionists from Les Grands Ballets Orchestra

Falling Angels

With Falling Angels, Jiří Kylián explores the duality that drives artists, the opposition between their discipline and their pursuit of freedom. Steve Reich’s percussions structure Kylián’s choreography, a tribute to the dancers and their brilliance, vulnerability and humour. This struggle bet-ween a need to belong and a desire for independence is a dilemma that haunts us all.

Evening Songs

Featuring a magnificent a capella choir performing Dvořák’s eponymous work, Evening Songs is a refined and poignant con­temporary ballet. Masterful choreographer Jiří Kylián brings to­gether a group of men and women who discover, at twilight, the wonders of nature.

Searching for Home

Searching for Home by Stephan Thoss is an inner voyage into the multiplicity of the self. Rooted in a fascinating aesthetic, it interweaves classical ballet with German expressionist dance. Mysterious, evocative, magical.


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