I'm Dying Up Here on Showtime: A Night with Cast & Creators

July 27, 2017

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The new one-hour drama series I’m Dying Up Here, with new episodes Sundays at 10pm on Showtime, explores L.A.’s famed ‘70s stand-up comedy scene. The series delves into the inspired, damaged and complicated psyches of those who stand alone in front of an audience ‘dying’ for fame, fortune and, with any luck, a shot on Johnny Carson.

A fictional group of competitive but close-knit comedians are mentored by Goldie, a brassy comedy club owner who rules over her business with an iron fist, but nurtures her comedians with tough love. For Goldie and her crew, there’s truly no such thing as an easy laugh.

Sit down with executive producer Jim Carrey and cast members Melissa Leo, Ari Graynor, Al Madrigal, Erik Griffin, Andrew Santino, Jake Lacy, RJ Cyler and Michael Angarano for a wide-ranging conversation about everything that went into making Season 1 of this highly anticipated show.


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