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Experience 2018

Esplanade de la Place des Arts From August 22 To 25, 2018

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Free event.

Once again nestled beside the Montréal Museum of Contemporary Art, the festival enlivens the now newly redesigned Esplanade de la Place des arts with its free outdoor stage and Expérience series. Intended as a convivial meeting point under the late summer sky, expect a varied program that mixes local and international talents in a infectious cocktail—and runs Wednesday through Saturday, from late afternoon until after sunset.

Expérience 1: Wednesday, August 22, 5pm-11pm

Ben Nevile (CA/QC) / Ben Vedren (FR) / dj dolphin (CA/QC) / tinycastles (CA/QC) / Willow Bell (CA/QC) 


Expérience 2: Thursday, August 23, 5pm-11pm

Bonbon Kojack  (CA/QC) / Boska (NO) / Deadbeat (CA) / Poirier DJ Set (CA/QC) / Pursuit Grooves (CA)


Expérience 3: Friday, August 24, 5pm-11pm

Braue (CA) / Chloé DJ Set (FR) / Debbie Doe (CA/QC) / Korea Town Acid (CA) / Viñu-vinu (CA/QC)


Expérience 4: Saturday, August 25, 3pm-11pm

Cult Member (CA/QC) / Charlotte Bendiks DJ Set (NO) / Jan Pienkowski (CA/QC) / Miraj (CA) / Neon Tundra (CA) / Stephen Beaupré (CA/QC) / Tara Rodgers (US) 








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