Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our performance halls can be open to a maximum of 250 people, in compliance with public health requirements. All ticketholders will be contacted by email before the scheduled date of their show. Learn more



Since 2000, the MUTEK Festival has been the undisputed place to experience promising, innovative sonic spaces, new electronic music and digital audiovisual performances, all showcased within avant-garde programming with an international scope.

Over the years, MUTEK has presented a considerable number of recognized artists while giving plenty of space to up-and-coming artists. As well, every year it features a variety of Canadian, North American and international premieres.

A unique and eclectic festival

Since its creation, MUTEK has ceaselessly pushed the envelope with its search for novelty, its freshness, its eclecticism and its welcoming vibe. As a place where adventurous international artists meet, MUTEK also acts as a point of convergence between the local and international scenes, as well as providing space for different audiences to rub shoulders, encouraging encounters between art and artists.


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