Blue Dependence

Cinquième Salle October 20 and 21, 2017

This event has ended

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Through personal entries in a journal, Blue Dependence tells the story of Iris, a young woman gripped by her unstable psyche and sentenced to death by her addictions. Her beloved Patrick, tormented by her untimely demise and the discovery of her struggles in writing, tries to make sense of her tortured journey.

Utilizing the language of dance, text, video projection and music, Blue Dependence explores the reality of struggling with addiction. A reality far too often experienced by our modern society.

When we see something we desire, the pupil widens as the iris holds it under tension - the blackness of the pupil is like an ink drop expanding in a water - infringing into the territory of the iris… of Iris. Variations in light forces the iris to be in a periodicity of expansion and contraction - much like the desires that inflict us; existing in a cyclical state of resistance and enslavement. It is a dance with a sudden rush into a rhythm, a hypnotic sway of forward and aft - in this, a pattern emerges: one of desire, release and craving… an addiction, and Iris is witness to it all.


  • Venue : Cinquième Salle
  • Producer / Presenter : Eva Kolarova Dance
  • Choreographer  : Eva Kolarova
  • Dancers  : Sara Harton, Eva Kolarova, José Flores, Francois Richard
  • Concept for Video Projection and photo material  : Paolo A. Santos 
  • Music composers : Charles Bicari and Alder & Ash
  • Lighting Designer and Technical Director :  Pierre Lavoie
  • Photo by : Sasha Onyshchenko/Kravetz Photographics
  • Duration (subject to change without notice) : 60 minutes (no intermission)




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