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AVISIONS 3 - Fuse* - Dökk - France Jobin & Richard Chartier - DUO

Théâtre Maisonneuve August 24, 2019

This event has ended

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Italian art studio fuse* presents the Canadian premiere of Dökk, a performance blending aerial choreography and technological complexity for a visually striking mix of digital art and innovation. Founded in 2007, fuse* operates in the area of encounter between art and science with the aim of exploring the expressive possibilities given by the creative use of emerging digital technologies. As a collective, their work is rooted in the community in which they operate, supporting and promoting creators with the aim to spread cultural and creative knowledge.

Ambient sounds intermingle within an intricate and delicate spatial and temporalmeets-“intemporelle“ system in DUO, the first collaborative project from artists France Jobin and Richard Chartier. Originally released on the Tokyo-based mAtter label, DUO reverberates with tension, an ominous suspense building throughout five long tracks composed of static electrical signals, multi-level drones and serene synth melodies.

A/VISIONS series is part of the 20th edition of the MUTEK Festival which takes place from August 20 to 25, 2019 in Montréal. More information on www.mutek.org


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