Short films presented as part of Micro ouvert autochtone 2023

Wapikoni Selection

  1. Katatjatuuk kangirsumi (Throat singing in Kangirsuk) - 3:29 minutes
    By: Eva Kaukai and Manon Chamberland (Inuit)
    Genre: Videoclip  
    Synopsis: Eva and Manon are two throat singers originally from the small village of Kangirsuk, in Nunavik. Edited with footage of the four seasons in Kangirsuk by Johnny Nassak.

  2. Kupanishkueu (French, Innu-aimun) - 4:37 minutes
    By: Mélodie Jourdain-Michel (Innu)  
    Genre: Documentary essay
    Synopsis: Director Mélodie Jourdain explains how the strength and courage of her ancestor, Kupanishkueu, have inspired her life.

  3. Nous nous soulèverons (We will rise) (Innu, French) - 4:12 minutes
    By: Natasha Kanapé Fontaine (Innu)
    Genre: Essay
    Synopsis: In her inspiring and powerful poem, talented Innu poet Natasha Kanapé Fontaine invites us to rise up and bring light to the world.

  4. Meteshu Innushkeue (Elle est sous le meteshan) (Innu-aimun) - 4:29 minutes
    By: Angèle McKenzie (Innu)
    Genre: Documentary essay
    Synopsis: Inspired by the revitalizing power of the Red Road and the sweat lodge (Meteshan) on Innu women, Ashineun tells us about the importance of prayer in healing the soul.

  5. When spirit calls (L’Appel de l’esprit) (English) - 4:10 minutes
    By: Terrie McIntosh (Anicinape / Anishnabe-Anishinaabe)
    Genre: Experimental essay
    Synopsis: A young woman speaks of her attachment to music as a tool used on one’s spiritual journey.

  6. Wamin (La pomme / The apple) (Atikamekw) - 2:43 minutes
    By: Katherine Nequado (Atikamekw)
    Genre: Experimental essay
    Synopsis: Wamin means apple in Atikamekw. Red on the outside, white on the inside. It is used as an insult towards people who leave their communities to go live in the city. A young Atikamekw woman shows that living outside her reserve does not make her any other person than who she really is.

  7. The photographer - 3:14 minutes
    By: Damien G. Haineault (Na-Déné)
    Genre: Experimental

Présence Autochtone

  1. Braided Together (English) - 17 minutes
    By: Victoria Anderson-Gardner (Anishinaabe) and Kyle Schmalenberg (Afro-Canadian)
    Synopsis: Tenaya and Autumn, two new friends, find that their friendship means more to each other than they realize. One is supported through loneliness while the other is supported through deep grief.

    This film can be seen on CBC Gems

  1. Better at Texting (English) - 11 minutes
    By: Mary Galloway (Cowichan)
    Synopsis: Trinity: a radical, Indigenous, feminist, and Addison: a devout, Black, Mormon are forced to work together on a school project. They soon discover they have more in common than either care to admit. 

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