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Conditions of sale - Box Office and services

The following conditions (the “Terms”) apply to all purchases of tickets for shows or events presented by an event provider (the "Event Provider") and made with the Société de la Place des Arts de Montréal (the “PdA”) through its box office  service (the "PdA Box Office") or its websites (,, (collectively, the "Website"). By purchasing a ticket from the PdA Box Office or its Website, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to protect the health and safety of our audience, employees and artists, health measures and rules have been put in place. These will be strictly applied by PdA and we ask you to inform in advance all the members of your group who will accompany you to the show of them.

  • Any spectator who feels one of the symptoms of COVID-19 or who has been in contact with a person diagnosed as being a carrier of this virus (please consult the Quebec public health website), as well as any other person likely to be in contact with this spectator are asked to not come to a venue at Place des Arts to attend a show. In such cases, we ask you to contact the box office and a full refund will be given to you.
  • Any ticket holder must arrive 45 minutes before the show's start time, enter the venue and comply with the instructions given by the staff.
  • All spectators and all members of a group to which they belong will have to answer health questions that may be addressed to them by the PdA staff in order to access the venues and the Place des Arts complex. PdA staff may deny access to venues and the PdA complex to any spectator who does not wish to comply. PDA reserves the right to request certain personal information, including the name and phone number of any spectator in order to allow public health to trace people who may have potentially been exposed to a person declared to be a carrier of COVID-19 after a show should such a situation arise. This personal information will solely be collected for this purpose will be kept in a secure location and will be destroyed within sixty (60) days of obtaining it.
  • Every spectator over the age of 12 must wear a mask upon arrival at the Place des Arts complex – and when circulating within it – until seated in their assigned seat up to the beginning of a show. Every spectator must as well put on their mask at the end of the show and keep it on until they leave the complex.
  • Physical distancing is required in every venue between seated spectators unless they come from the same household.
  • At all times, spectators must follow PDA staff instructions regarding entry and exit.

In the event of non-compliance with these conditions, sanitary measures and instructions from our staff, which could harm other spectators’ health, our staff may ask you to leave the PdA complex immediately and no refund will be given to you.

1.    The ticket prices are set by the Event provider and are in Canadian dollars. 

Service fees are included in the price of each ticket and are calculated as follows:

  • Ticket from $0 to $30.00 (before taxes): $4.50 per ticket;
  • Ticket from $30.01 to $50.00 (before taxes): $6.00 per ticket;
  • Ticket from $50.01 and $100.00 (before taxes): $7.50 per ticket;
  • Ticket from $100.01 and more (before taxes): $9.00 per ticket;
  • Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s concerts ticket, presented at the Maison symphonique: $11.50 per ticket.

As well, for certain shows, the Event provider may impose a management fee. Such fee is included in the ticket price, when applicable.

2.    An Event provider may offer discounts on group tickets. In this case, service fees are set at $4.25 per ticket and are included in the price of each ticket.

3.    In the event a ticket is lost or forgotten, the PdA Box Office - after some routine checks - can issue a duplicate ticket. An eco fee of $5.00 per ticket is applicable for the reprinting of lost or forgotten tickets.

The PdA allows the purchase of a maximum of eight (8) tickets per client (whether such client is a natural or legal person) for all performances of a same show or event, even if such client holds multiple customer accounts with the PdA or if the purchases have been made through representatives of the client. In addition, an Event Provider may set a limit to the number of tickets that can be sold to a single client for all representations of a same show or event. If such limit is lower than the limit set by the PdA, the Event Provider’s limit shall prevail. The PdA and the Event Provider reserve the right to cancel, at their sole discretion and without prior notice, ticket purchases that they reasonably suspect to exceed the applicable ticket limit or to circumvent it by using multiple customer accounts, nominees or any other means.

Online purchases must be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. Debit cards are as well accepted when the purchase takes place directly at the PdA Box Office ticket counter. All orders are subject to approval by the PdA, the financial institutions that issue the accepted credit or debit cards and their credit or debit card processors.

4.    Clients must carefully review the name of the show, the date, and the ticket category BEFORE proceeding with a purchase. Once an order has been processed, there can be NO REFUND, EXCHANGE, OR CANCELLATION. Programming, casts, dates, and times of shows are subject to change without notice.

In the case of a discrepancy between the information provided during a reservation or a purchase from another ticketing system and the information registered to the PdA Box Office system, the latter will be deemed as the only information that is accurate and valid.

In exceptional circumstances, if tickets must be exchanged, the PdA Box Office will issue new tickets and service fees as provided herein will apply.

In the case of subscription tickets, an exchange fee of $3.75 per ticket applies.

5.    At the time of purchase, the PdA Box Office ticketing system may provide the opportunity to select one or more seats from an interactive venue plan. The interactive venue plan is only available for purchases made with a desktop or laptop computer, but may also be disabled when tickets are first offered for sale, at the request of an Event Provider, or due to technical difficulties. When a client makes a purchase via a mobile device or a tablet, or when the interactive venue plan is disabled for any of the above described reasons, the PDA Box Office ticketing system will offer the best seats available in the venue for the category of tickets selected. The PdA declines any responsibility with respect to the availability of the interactive venue plan and the choice and quality of seats offered by the PdA Box Office ticketing system in the absence of an interactive venue plan.

6.    Ticket purchases on the Website must be made by credit card. In such case, you must complete all fields on the reservation form and submit your name, street and email address and all other required credit card information. Purchases made using the name or address of a third party are not allowed.

7.    Event Providers may occasionally offer discounts or rebates on certain ticket categories. These discounts and rebates may apply to one or several purchase methods. They are generally valid only for a limited time and do not apply to purchases made before the discount or rebate offer is announced.

8.    Delivery Methods

Charges may apply for the delivery of tickets. They are determined as follows:

  • Electronic tickets: no delivery fee;
  • Tickets picked up at the PdA Box Office: $3.50 per order;
  • Tickets sent by mail: $3.50 per order.

Tickets, other than electronic tickets, may not be sent by regular mail service less than seven days before a show. They must therefore be picked up at the PdA Box Office and a $3.50 delivery fee per order will apply.

At any time, the PdA offers an express mail service. A fee of $17.50 per order is applicable. However, this service is only available to clients who provide a delivery address in large urban areas of the province of Quebec and Ontario.

Only the person whose name appears on the credit card used for the reservation can pick-up the tickets at the PdA Box Office ticket counter. Upon presentation of the credit card and a piece of identification, tickets can be picked up 48 hours after the reservation has been made. If a show takes place within a shorter time period, the tickets will be available at the PdA Box Office on the date of the performance. In the event that a show is cancelled, tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase, in the original payment method and as determined by the Event Provider.

9.    The PdA will not be held liable in the event that a reservation or transaction cannot be completed, by the PdA or the client, due to the failure or the malfunction or the error of the PdA’s Box Office computer and ticketing system, the Internet, the telephone network of the PdA Box Office or any other ticket reservation network. In addition, the PdA will not be liable in the event of the cancellation of a show caused by riots, fire, natural disasters or any other event of force majeure.

10.    The PdA reserves the right to cancel a ticket and the purchase transaction made in respect thereto in the event that the price of a ticket is inaccurate, due to a technical failure of the Website, a human error or any other cause.

11.     A ticket is invalid once the PdA has reasonable grounds to believe that it has been falsified or that the information contained thereon has been altered, or once a sworn complaint of theft is made with respect thereto to law enforcement agencies. The PdA reserves the right to deny access to anyone holding a ticket that is stolen, falsified or that does not appear to be genuine.

12.     A ticket may not be assigned, sold, resold or transferred, with or without consideration, without the express prior written consent of the PdA or the Event Provider, except to the extent permitted by law. For greater certainty, a client is authorized to transfer a ticket to someone else (the “Beneficiary”) by using the “Transfer” functionality on the Website, the instructions of which are available online. The PdA reserves the right to charge fees for the use of its online Transfer service. The online Transfer only effects an assignment of the right to attend the performance of the show or event mentioned on the ticket. All other rights related to the ticket remain vested in its initial purchaser, including the right to be refunded in the event of cancellation of the performance. In return, the Beneficiary shall comply with any and all obligations applicable to show or event attendees at the PdA pursuant to these Terms.


As a courtesy to other patrons and to the performers, latecomers or those who momentarily leave the venue during the performance will be reassigned to the nearest seat in due time.

Tickets of latecomers or those who momentarily leave the venue during the performance cannot be exchanged or refunded, and they are not entitled to any monetary compensation.

Disabled clients or those with high body mass may contact the PdA Box Office to obtain seats reserved for them.

The recording of sound or images through the use of a mobile or electronic devices or any other device (including a camera) is strictly prohibited during the show.

Cellular telephones and any other electronic device must be turned off during performances.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy, by our Policy on Admitting Children to Shows Presented at Place des Arts, and by our Politique sur la prévention et le contrôle de la violence et du harcèlement au travail (in French only) available through the hyperlinks below:

The purchaser and the holder of a ticket also agree to be bound by any policies or guidelines of the PdA, including those related to safety and proper behaviour, and not to disturb the show in any manner whatsoever. In case of non-compliance, the PdA reserves the right to require that the offender leaves the premises. His ticket will not be exchanged or refunded, and he will not entitled to any monetary compensation.

These Terms are governed by the laws of the Province of Québec and the laws of Canada, regardless of any conflict of laws principles. You hereby acknowledge that any dispute regarding these Terms will be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts sitting in the judicial district of Montreal, Province of Quebec.

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