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The Soule of the Lute

Cinquième Salle November 2, 2017

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If there is truly an outstanding voice that has emerged from the contemporary Arab musical scene and extends far beyond its borders, it is that of Waed Bouhassoun. With a timbre of a quality rarely heard nowadays, the voice of this young singer, oud player and composer achieves perfect mastery of the modulations of classical song, elevating her to the ranks of the great names of Arab song such as Oum Kalthoum and Asmahan.

From the time she first appeared in Aleppo, her talent was immediately recognized by connoisseurs. Her first CD, La voix de l’amour, was selected as a “Coup de cœur” by the Académie Charles-Cros in 2010, and she was hailed as a revelation by the international press. Since then, she has toured continuously in Europe, performing solo or alongside world music masters such as Kudsi Erguner and Jordi Savall.

In her own compositions, Waed delves into the vast repertory of Arabic poetry, from the pre-Islamic era to the present day, speaking of mystical and profane love, the legendary loves of Qays, “crazy about Layla” and Ibn Zeydoun’s swoon, along with the tormented verses of the poet Adonis and the Sufi devotion of Rumi, Ibn Arabi and Al-Hallaj. Alone with her oud, carrying within her the faith she devotes to the culture of her native Syria, Waed Bouhassoun is sure to charm you with the velvety warmth and the power of her voice, a true discovery who will reach into the depths of your soul.


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