World Music

Persian Flamenco

Cinquième Salle November 4, 2017

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With its keen interest in original musical encounters, the Regard Persan ensemble is choosing to explore oral musical traditions by inviting singer Alicia Carrasco, a rising star in contemporary flamenco, accompanied by guitarist José Manuel León, coming specially from Andalusia for this occasion.

Two thousand years ago, the Rom people from the Indus Valley in South Asia made a stop in Persia. Gypsy artists drew inspiration from the musical subtleties of the Orient to blend them with flamenco music when they arrived in Andalusia. It is from this perspective that the Regard Persan ensemble and Alicia Carrasco set the departure point of this adventure. Nurturing each other on the vast Persian and Andalusian heritage and open to experimentation and exchanges, the artists reinvent the genre by developing the similarities between rhythms, playing techniques and vocal prowess. 

Between the exalted emotions of flamenco and the exquisite ornamentation of Persian music, this concert sketches the fine musical embroidery of flamenco song and of Persian music through fiery poetry from the greatest poets of Iran and Andalusia.


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