Cinquième Salle March 10, 2019

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Following their apparition on Danser pour Gagner and Revolution, the MARVL dance group composed by 7 dancers presents its brand new show, JAM. 

JAM tells the story of MARVL who seeks a mythical shoe that gives the group some special powers. In their race to obtain the good, they must oppose their antagonists, WARVL who will try by all means to hinder their mission. Inspired by urban, contemporary and breakdance styles, this show features the confrontation of two group of dancers who, through the expression of the movement, are ready to do anything to reach their final goal. 


MARVL - Meet and Greet
MARVL - Meet and Greet

The Meet & Greet package include : VIP pass, meet the artis + signature before the sow, poster, t-shirt and a MARVL flask.

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