L'Arpeggiata & Christina Pluhar - Mediterraneo

Église Saint-Pierre-Apôtre October 3, 2017

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Crossing the Mediterranean Sea in music, mesmerised by the sound waves, travelling to the confines of the birth of our civilization, to hear the sand crackling as you listen to the tarantellas, sung in Greek as they did in Calabria and Sicily in the Greco- Albanian villages of the baroque period… Such is the journey that Christina Pluhar and l’Arpeggiata propose; sail along the shores of the Greek and Italian coasts to Spain, cradled by the waves and the enchanting dialogue between traditional songs of the Mediterranean region and Italian and Spanish baroque music from the 17th century.


  • Traditional (greco-salentino chant) / Are mou Rindineddha
  • Anonymous (17th cent.) / Tres sirenas
  • Traditional (Salento) / Pizzica di San Vito
  • Improvisation (Italy) / Tarantella Napoletana
  • Henry de Bailly / Yo soy la locura
  • Improvisation (Greece) / Hasapiko
  • Traditional (Carpino) / La Carpinese
  • Traditional (Mallorca) / De Santanyí vaig partir
  • Improvisation (Canary Islands)
  • Girolamo Kapsberger (1580-1651) / Toccata L’Arpeggiata
  • Traditional (Macedonia) / So maki sum se rodila
  • Traditional (Canto greco-salentino) / Oriamu Pisulina
  • Traditional (Catalonia) / La dama d’Aragó
  • Traditional (Puglia) / Pizzicarella mia
  • Improvisation Percussion solo
  • Traditional (Italy) / Silenziu d’amuri
  • Traditional (Italy) / Lu passariellu





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