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Cinquième Salle October 31, 2017

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“Stone me and you will be stoning every insolent woman inside me. Stone beauty and light in me. Stone in me every virgin in paradise. Stone me.... Even dead, I will live in love and peace,” cries Leila Toubel.

From Sousse to Charlie, from the Bardo to Palmyra, from Sirte to Madrid, from Bagdad to London, 21st century terrorism, shocking and spectacular, seeks to impose its world vision on the free beings we are through horror and violence, trampling on our own vision, that of love and peace. Amidst the rubble of a radio station obliterated by a terrorist attack, a surviving journalist and a pianist bring out the insolence of words and the tenderness of notes to narrate Hourya, an impossible love story amidst a war that ravages lives, erases the colours from a dream and steals the fragrances of spring.

Hourya is where theatre and music intertwine to wrench our humanity away from murderous hands and extended consciences.


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