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Le 7e «Feng Hua Xue Yue» Gala du Nouvel An Chinois à Montréal

Théâtre Maisonneuve January 10, 2023

This event has ended

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"FENG HUA XUE YUE" , Friendship for ever! On the occasion of saying goodbye to the past in order to welcome the future, the 7th Chinese Spring Festival Gala will dazzle you with its incredible jazz and cello show. For a magic set of traditional and stimulated Chinese instruments among many other music programs.

Come dance with the artists of South American style, Montreal Professional Youth Ballet, Chinese folk dance, Chinese classical dance and K-pop!

To wrap things up, for the last category of the evening; Jessica Vigneault, daughter of the famous Quebec singer Gilles Vigneault, will share her talents on the piano with us. Top coloratura soprano singers from Toronto, famous Chinese singers from Montreal and the wonderful singing harmony of the Chinese pentatonic choir group will follow as well.

The theme for this evening is "Friendship for ever". A full and wonderful large-scale evening of multi-ethnic unity, friendship and cooperation will be eagerly awaiting you.


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