Photo credit : Jennifer-Lynn Christie
Photo credit : Jennifer-Lynn Christie

Au rythme des mots

Introduce your students to the rhythmic and engaged art of hip hop!

The “Au rythme des mots” project, presented as part of the Place des Arts School Program, introduces young people to the rhythmic and coded writing of hip hop and spoken word performance. Hip hop is an engaged form of art that gives young people a chance to work with wordplay, use rhythm, and express themselves freely.

School levels: High school 1 to 5 and Accueil intermediate and advanced

Targeted School Subjetcs: French | French as a second language | English | English as a second language | History and Citizenship Education | Contemporary World | Ethics and religious culture | Arts

The show 

Stéréo - Description in French only

The artists

Sam Faye and D-Track deliver raps laced with humour, addressing subjects drawn from everyday life. They perform a colourful show highlighting the boom bap, trap, and funk styles, standing out through the quality of their writing and their on-stage rapport. Sam Faye is known for his relaxed style and ease on the mic, while D-Track is recognized for his versatile writing, humour, and energetic verve. This symbiosis of two distinct personalities makes for a unique performance.


$12 per person (students and teachers) per project (taxes included)


Registrations: until February 16, 2024 


School Program is made possible through the financial support of the Fondation de la Place des Arts.

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