Printemps nordique

From April 4 to 29, 2018, Place des Arts invites you to immerse yourself in an unforgettable Printemps nordique, a major artistic and cultural event designed to help you discover the great creative vitality of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and to highlight their values of cooperation, humanism and environmental awareness.

A wide array of shows will be staged for the occasion. Theatre, contemporary opera, dance, circus, music, and puppets will introduce the public and Montréal professionals to talented artists from the region and deepen the ties between the Québécois and Nordic cultures. With more than 80 international artists, 25 performances and 15 free activities – such as roundtables, master classes, and public talks – audiences will be able to immerse themselves in the social and cultural dimensions of the countries of Northern Europe.

An unprecedented artistic and cultural event for Québec.

This event, initiated and produced by Place des Arts, is being made possible thanks to the financial support of important partners: Nordic Culture Point, the Nordisk KulturFond and the Fondation de la Place des Arts. 

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Ane Brun. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Doktor Glass. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Doktor Glas. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Dois. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
The Knowledge (Gunilla Heilborn) Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Breath (Tero Saarinen Company) Photo credit : Thibault Carron
NeoArctic. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Again (zero visibility corp.) Photo credit : Maryse Boyce
Arvvas. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Leges Motus by Dark Matters Studio. Photo credit : Maryse Boyce
Frimas  (Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen, photographer). Photo credit: Maryse Boyce
Lavvo. Photo credit : Maryse Boyce
 "It starts with a conversation" workshop. Photo credit : Thibault Carron
Classe de maître sur l'écriture de séries policières. Photo credit : Thibault Carron
Émilie Monnet and André Dudemaine - Art and First Nations discussions. Photo credit : Thibault Carron
Fragrances of the North Discussion: Scandinavian and Icelandic writers tell all. Photo credit: Maryse Boyce
Art and Climate changes discussion with Sjon, Steven Guilbeault et Jean Lemire. Photo credit : Thibault Carron
Interview with Ragnar Jonasson, host by Dennis Trudeau. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Theatre Discussion with Krister Henriksson. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Story time with Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec / Grande Bibliothèque. Photo credit: Maryse Boyce
Family Day : Literature and paper. Photo credit: Maryse Boyce
Papper. Photo credit : Maryse Boyce
Fika on the Esplanade. Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Marc Blondeau, President and CEO of the Société de la Place des Arts de Montréal. Photo credit: Maryse Boyce
From left to right: Marc Blondeau, President and CEO of the Société de la Place des Arts de Montréal, Vesa Lehtonen, Ambassador of Finland in Canada, Niels Boel Abrahamsen, Ambassador of Denmark in Canada, Magda Fusaro, rector of UQAM, Òlöf Dögg Sigvaldadóttir, Deputy Head of mission at Embassy of Island, Clothilde Cardinal, director of Programming at Place des Arts, Per Sjögren, Ambassador of Sweden in Canada, Anne Kari H. Ovind, Ambassador of Norway in Canada, Ian Morrissette, assistant deputy minister at Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec. Photo credit : Maryse Boyce



Dois: A tête-à-tête between two brothers
Véronique Champagne - March 7, 2018 Véronique Champagne March 7, 2018

Dois: A tête-à-tête between two brothers

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Ane Brun
Pascal Henrard - January 2, 2018 Pascal Henrard January 2, 2018

Ane Brun: A Clear, Delicate Voice from the North

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Zero visibility corp. - Again
Pascal Henrard - December 29, 2017 Pascal Henrard December 29, 2017

Zero Visibility Corp.: Contemporary Dance from a Cold Land

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Doktor Glas
Pascal Henrard - December 28, 2017 Pascal Henrard December 28, 2017

Krister Henriksson: From Wallander to Doktor Glas

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NeoArctic by Kirsten Dehlholm
Pascal Henrard - December 27, 2017 Pascal Henrard December 27, 2017

NeoArctic: A Pro-Environmental Musical and Visual Manifesto

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