Security and Prohibited Items

Safety has always been a priority at Place des Arts, and we remain focused on this serious issue on an ongoing basis. We are committed to providing our artists and the public with an environment that is as safe as it is enjoyable, using access and security procedures in our complex and performance halls that do not in any way affect the quality of the experience while on the premises.

The security measures in place are best suited to our situation and the types of performances we present. These procedures are in keeping with our operational reality.

Oversized Bags and Prohibited Objects

Oversized bags are systematically checked at the entrance to the halls prior to performances. In this regard, we only accept bags that can easily be stored under seats. Members of the public are cautioned not to arrive with bags measuring larger than 45 cm X 35 cm X 20 cm (18 in X 13 in X 8 in) or with any of the objects mentioned below, at risk of having the items confiscated and/or being denied access to the performance hall.


Also, smoking and vaping are prohibited in Place des Arts, both in public spaces and performance halls.

Additional and Occasional Security Measures

Additional measures, such as the systematic checking of all bags, body searches, or the use of a metal detector, may be carried out at a producer’s or artist’s request, or depending on the circumstances, as our security measures undergo continuous adjustment and fine-tuning. When such measures are scheduled to occur, Place des Arts or the producer makes sure to notify the clientele for the show in question, notably in a pre-show email, so that spectators may plan their visit accordingly.


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