Photo credit : Mikael Theimer
Photo credit : Mikael Theimer

FAQ | Webcast

For any questions regarding webcasts, such as purchasing access for a digital concert, live chats, connection to a streaming service, or any problems during a webcast.

  • How do I purchase access to a webcast?
  • What payment methods are accepted for online purchases of webcast events?
  • What is a single and exclusive broadcast link?
  • Can I purchase multiple links to give away for the same webcast event?
  • Are webcast links refundable?
  • Can I participate in the live chat?
  • Can I turn off the chat?
  • I purchased a webcast link, but I'm not available on the night of the show. What can I do?
  • Will the shows be presented live or delayed?
  • How do I access the webcast?
  • I did not receive the email containing my viewing link.



Problems during the webcast

  • Why don't I have the full-screen option?
  • The video lags
  • I received a message saying the link is in use on more than one device. What should I do?
  • Nothing is working. What can I do?
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