Photo credit : Caroline Bergeron
Photo credit : Caroline Bergeron

Place des Arts’ Official Box Office

By purchasing tickets from Place des Arts’ official box office, producers, or artists, you are sure to pay the right price, receive important information regarding your show, and obtain certified tickets.

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All tickets for shows presented in Place des Arts’ performance halls are issued by Place des Arts’ Ticketmaster box office system and bear its logo. These tickets are sold at Place des Arts or on its official website ( and, in certain cases, may also be issued through the websites of artists and producers presenting these shows at Place des Arts (notably those of our resident partners: Duceppe, Les Grands Ballets, the Opéra de Montréal, and the Orchestre Métropolitain).

Advantages of buying directly from Place des Arts at

Purchasing tickets issued by Place des Arts’ official box office gives you several advantages:

  • Guaranteed inventory: Place des Arts has a guaranteed inventory of show tickets for sale to the public.
  • The right price: You are guaranteed that tickets are being sold at the price set by the producer or artist.
  • Cultural support: The amount you pay for your ticket (excluding service fees) will be paid in full to the producer or artist presenting the show.
  • Instant tickets: You automatically receive your ticket in your Place des Arts account as you complete your transaction.
  • Guaranteed admission and seats: Your ticket provides guaranteed access to the seat you reserved.
  • Ongoing communication: Place des Arts will advise you in advance of any cancellation or scheduling change for your show.
  • Reliable and available customer service: As the box office is open on performance dates, you can rely on Place des Arts’ customer service agents to help you, on-site, with any questions concerning your transaction.

Ticket transfers

Place des Arts allows for the transfer of tickets between individuals, in the event you want to give your ticket to someone you know. You can proceed with a direct transfer via your Place des Arts account. Should you have any questions or difficulties during the transfer process, please contact the box office, toll-free, for assistance as needed.

Resale of Place des Arts tickets

Place des Arts does not resell tickets, nor does it provide an inventory of show tickets to resale websites or other resellers.

Any resale website or reseller stating or claiming that it has an inventory of show tickets provided by Place des Arts, or that it is a box office authorized to sell tickets for shows presented at Place des Arts, is making false or misleading statements.

Place des Arts therefore does not guarantee the authenticity of show tickets acquired from a reseller’s site (which may have been resold several times) and reserves the right to refuse to honour these tickets.

We understand that ticket resellers can sometimes seem like the only option when tickets are sold out or hard to come by. Individuals purchasing tickets on a reseller’s site therefore do so at their own risk and peril and are likely to pay a much higher price for the tickets than at Place des Arts’ official box office, while also incurring additional fees and surcharges.

It is forbidden to resell a show ticket issued by the Place des Arts box office without its permission and that of the producer. This helps counter profiteering and non-compliant resale practices.

Have you had any problems with a transaction on a reseller’s website?

We suggest you contact the site from which you purchased the tickets or reach out to your credit card company to find out if the transaction can be cancelled. You may be asked to provide proof of the transaction. We also encourage you to contact the Office de protection du consommateur du Québec (Quebec Consumer Protection Bureau).

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