Coronavirus (Covid-19)

New shows go on sale and are presented in our performance halls every week, in compliance with public health requirements. As of September 1st, 2021, all spectators aged 13 or over will be required to show a vaccine passport, along with a photo ID (photo optional for people aged 13 to 15, and 75 or over), to be admitted to shows presented at Place des Arts. See the latest updates


FAQ - Customer Account

For any questions regarding the management of your customer account: downloading, ticket printing and transferring, newsletter subscriptions, Ticketmaster account, etc.

  • What is a Place des Arts account used for?
  • Do I already have an account with Place des Arts?
  • I already have a Ticket Master account. Can I use it on the Place des Arts web site?
  • How does the e-ticket work?
  • Why are my tickets kept in my online account rather than sent by email?
  • How do i download my e-ticket onto my smartphone?
  • How do I print my tickets?
  • Why are some tickets not available for printing?
  • How many times can I download and print tickets for the same seats?
  • What does the "transfer" featured stands for?
  • How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from PDA newsletters?
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