Une voix pour être aimée: Maria Callas

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Sophie Faucher and Marc Hervieux join forces to create a unique and original project detailing the life and career of Maria Callas. The show, entitled Une voix pour être aimée : Maria Callas, will be presented on September 19 and 20, 2023 at Place des Arts' Cinquième Salle as part of a major tour of Quebec. Sophie Faucher plays the eponymous diva and Marc Hervieux, in addition to directing, plays her great friend Giuseppe Di Stefano. The show marks the 100th birthday of the singer, who was found dead in her Paris apartment at the age of 53.

Maria Callas was a woman of passion, a woman who bared her soul. In this show, we meet her during the summer of 1977 at 36 Georges-Mandel avenue in Paris, where she is living a reclusive life of profound solitude. But that day, she welcomes her accompanying pianist Robert Sutherland and her friend Giuseppe Di Stefano, the tenor with whom she has just completed her final tour. With these two accomplices, she dives back into recording under the pretext of chronicling her life. It is a life that swings painfully between international stardom and her burning love for Aristotle Onassis, who left her for Jackie Kennedy, throwing her into an immense grief from which she never recovers.

Sophie Faucher and Anne Bryan are the co-authors of Une voix pour être aimée : Maria Callas. This heartbreakingly romantic story is enhanced by music and archival footage that transports us to the very heart of the diva's universe.

After Frida Kahlo Correspondance, Sophie Faucher takes on yet another challenge, alongside Marc Hervieux who embodies the passionate tenor Di Stefano.




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