The St. Matthew Passion - Version 2.0

Théâtre Maisonneuve March 24, 2024

This event has ended

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The St. Matthew Passion - Version 2.0 concert —scheduled on March 24, 2024— has been cancelled. Ticket holders will be reimbursed directly.

Johann Sebastian Bach, great creator of the baroque era, was also a bon vivant! He loved to indulge and kept abreast of religious and philosophical currents and of the technological advancements of his time, incorporating them into his art. One of his most grandiose works is The St. Matthew Passion: a beautifully sublime, larger-than-life composition that still inspires today. That is why the Orchestre Philharmonique du Québec has brought together artists from diverse backgrounds to propose a unique and audacious version of this musical work, seen through a truly open and contemporary lens. Leading figures of the LGBTQ+ community like Rita Baga and Victor Valdez will join La Bronze and Alexandre Da Costa to merge their hearts to Bach’s, and to present a new version of this composition while making a direct and positive statement on the evolution of our mentalities towards an inclusionary world free of prejudice.


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