Stéphane Tétreault and friends

Église de St-Lin July 20, 2017

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Six of Quebec’s most outstanding artists – cellist Stéphane Tétreault, pianist Marie-Ève Scarfone, and the members of the Saguenay Quartet come together for three programs of chamber music by Viennese classicists. A major work of Schubert concludes each program, preceded by works of Beethoven and Mozart.

Beethoven’s cello sonatas are of pioneering importance in form, content and the advancement of instrumental technique. The earliest cello sonatas of the classical-romantic repertory are by Beethoven, the two sonatas of Op. 5. The genial nature and sunny disposition of Op. 69 make it the most popular of the five sonatas.

In his great Quintet K. 515, Mozart combined emotional depth, technical assurance, contrapuntal mastery, the broad scope of the symphony, and even elements of the concerto and opera in his handling of the five independent parts. Violist Victor Fournelle-Blain joins the team for this performance.

The three Schubert works traverse a world rich in expansive melodies, harmonic adventures, textural sophistication, bold modulations, and nobility of conception.


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