South American Music and Dance with the OSM

Maison symphonique April 29, 2023

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Music and an evening of dancing await you with this specular “éclaté” concert. Are you ready for a musical journey to South America? Join Rafael Payare and the OSM Chorus and musicians for a program rich in colours and delights. Prestigious soloists will set the tone for the evening: internationally acclaimed cellist Alisa Weilerstein and several Venezuelan artists, including virtuoso trumpeter Pacho Flores, cuatrist Hector Molina, maraquero Edgardo Jair Acosta Sanchez, tenor Aquiles Machado and baritone Gustavo Castillo.

Envelop yourself in the sensuality of Argentine tango, discover the Venezuelan contrapunteo and take in the rhythms of folk styles depicting heroes, each more daring than the next.

After the concert, no need to leave the Maison symphonique! This friendly evening continues in the Foyer Antonia-Nantel, as the festivities get going with a group of musicians who will have you dancing to the rhythms of South America. Excitement guaranteed!

Osvaldo Golijov, Omaramor, for solo cello (8 min)
Víctor Agudelo, El sombrerón, for orchestra (9 min)
Pacho Flores, Cantos y Revueltas, version for orchestra (18 min)
Antonio Estévez, Cantata Criolla, “Florentino, the one who sang with the Devil” (35 min)


  • Venue : Maison symphonique
  • Producer / Presenter : Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM)
  • Conductor : Rafael Payare (Venezuela)
  • Artists : Alisa Weilerstein (United States), cello | Pacho Flores (Venezuela), trumpet | Hector Molina (Venezuela), cuatro | Aquiles Machado (Venezuela), tenor | Gustavo Castillo (Venezuela), baritone | Edgardo Jair Acosta Sanchez (Venezuela), maracas
  • OSM Chorus : Andrew Megill (chorus master). The position of chorus master is generously sponsored by Ms. Ann Birks in memory of Barrie Drummond Birks.
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