Soirée dansante Afro-colombienne

Esplanade de la Place des Arts September 28, 2019

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Along with professional artists, Soirées dansantes feature a free introductory workshop on this style of dance and invite you to dance on the floor to the rhythm of a live musical group.

Founded in 2001, the Ballet Raices de Colombia (BRDC) is a non-profit artistic and cultural organization pursuing the enrichment and development of multiculturalism in Québec through Colombian folklore. With touches of classical and modern ballet, the BRDC portrays one of the richest folklores in the world through mixes of pre-Colombian, Spanish, and African cultures.

“Bumaranga” is a word that Colombian slaves took with them to Colombia, used to designate specific formal musical training. It’s no surprise that Juan Sebastian Quiros chose this name for his Afro-Colombian music fusion project. Bumaranga offers a mix of typical Colombian percussion instruments and flutes with a modern touch woven in through electric instruments. The result is a blending of sounds mirroring the roots and the essence of Afro-Colombian music.

Dani Rodriguez, aka Guasá, is a DJ/selector dedicated to linking world folk and festive electropical, always looking for the deepest Rumba.


Led by choreographer Carlos Reyes of the Ballet Raices de Colombia, this workshop offers:
● An Afro-Colombian dance workshop
● Performances by the Ballet Raices de Colombia
● Free dancing to the rhythms of the group Bumaranga
● Free dancing to the rhythms of DJ Guasà


  • Producer / Presenter : Les rendez-vous Place des Arts
  • Venue : Esplanade de la Place des Arts
  • Useful information : Lockers and water fountains on site. Bring a reusable bottle, a padlock, and a towel. Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Weather : Cancelled in the event of rain.
  • Free activity : No registration required
This activity is presented thanks to the financial support of the
Fondation de la Place des Arts
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