Cinquième Salle May 17, 2023 and February 19, 2024

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A signature is a distinctive and personal mark. Without any doubt it allows individualization, authorization and translation of the unequivocal will to consent to an act of oneself.

A signature is composed of al these elements to make its mark: a gesture, a trace, a distinct proof of identity. Through dance, the artist volunteers to translate this signature into movement, uniting choreographers and performers in a moment of abandonment, vulnerability and trust. From the sketch to the creation, the dancer will always know how to affix his signature in the engagement of the body, thus bringing to the work its unique and timeless dimension.

Ballet Divertimento is proud to present its annual school show, which we hope will allow all of our young aspiring dancers to discover themselves, to surpass themselves, and to be introduced to the work of outstanding choreographers. Through this process they will be able to find their very personal, unique and everlasting signature.


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