São Paulo Companhia de Dança

Théâtre Maisonneuve From April 6 To 9, 2022

This event has ended

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In just a few years, the São Paulo Companhia de Dança has established itself as a leading company in Latin America, and offers us the pleasure of a second visit to Danse Danse with a triple bill.

Sought after by the world’s most prestigious dance companies, Edouard Lock continues his brilliant deconstruction of the classical vocabulary. Trick Cell Play showcases the versatility and dexterity of the dancers in an almost cinematographic chiaroscuro of bodies, emblematic of the choreographer’s style. Pure Lock, superbly danced.

In Agora, the young Brazilian choreographer Cassi Abranches, a former dancer with Grupo Corpo, explores the concept of time in Latin American culture.

Lastly, renowned german choreographer Marco Goecke revisits the final pas de deux of Stravinsky’s The Firebird, an ephemeral and moving encounter between a dancing bird and a flying human. A captivating evening in three parts!


  • Venue : Théâtre Maisonneuve
  • Producer / Presenter : Danse Danse
  • Choreographers : Edouard Lock (Trick Cell Play), Cassi Abranches (Agora) and Marco Goecke (The Firebird)
Mask is no longer mandatory. The choice to wear it remains at the discretion of each person.
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