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Royal Dramatic Theatre of Sweden - Doktor Glas

Théâtre Maisonneuve From April 27 To 28, 2018

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Adapted from Hjalmar Söderberg's novel, published in 1905, Doktor Glas is a tour de force. Alone on stage, Krister Henriksson embodies the romantic and lonely Dr. Glas, who compensates for a life of regret by devoting body and soul to his patients. The action takes place in Stockholm, towards the end of the 19th century.

Krister Henriksson is a celebrated Swedish actor, star of the Wallander series, which has been translated into several languages. Doktor Glas was a huge success in the Nordic countries and elsewhere, notably in London, earning critical acclaim from Britain’s daily newspaper The Guardian, which described the play as a hybrid: thriller, metaphysical essay with poetic moments and occasional bleak jokes.

Directed by the great playwright Peder Bjurman, a regular collaborator with Quebec’s own Robert Lepage, Doktor Glas is presented in Swedish with French and English subtitles.


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