Rafael Payare: From Andalusia to the Plains of Venezuela

Maison symphonique April 26 and 27, 2023

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This program juxtaposes two heroes in their quest for an ideal: Don Quixote, the wandering knight who ventures out to battle evil on the Andalusian plains, and Florentino, a Venezuelan plainsman who wrestles with the Devil in a singing contest in Estévez’s Cantata criolla. This masterpiece of the South American repertoire, which Rafael Payare invites us to discover, concludes a richly eventful evening also featuring the world premiere of a work by OSM Composer-in-residence Ana Sokolović.

R. Strauss, Don Quixote (38 min.)
Ana Sokolović, Melita — World premiere, OSM commission (20-25 min.)
Antonio Estévez, Cantata criolla (35 min.)


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